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"Give me your pantyhose, damnit!"

00:58: Ness wakes up to whole house shaking. Ooh, gosh.
01:00: Shaking stops. Ness is glad that she is not cause of shaking, as she used to tremble until her bed rattled.
01:02: Ness's dad comes out of his room, Ness says hello, both check things are ok.
01:15: Ness goes back to sleep.
05:03: Ness wakes up and immediately checks f'list for 'quake news. She is a LJ junkie.

I really, really hope that someone will understand if I mention how brilliant I thought it was. But I doubt it, so I'll shut up. I'd love to know what caused it, too, because I didn't think Britain had any major plate boundaries around, unless of course you go back in time, which we shouldn't and YES I'LL SHUT UP NOW. Squee.
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