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"I really just wanted to write a romantic comedy... with a pterodactyl."

anazri:...what the...
cryforthemoon: ...?
anazri:There would appear to be a - /thing/ - outside my window
cryforthemoon: A thing?
anazri: Yes!
anazri: It's large and it's /flapping/
cryforthemoon: Bat? Owl?
anazri: No, bigger than that
anazri: It looks like a /horse/
cryforthemoon: ...
anazri: ...
cryforthemoon:Loose bit of cloth or something?
anazri: With teeth?
cryforthemoon: o.O
cryforthemoon: ...Kite?
anazri: At midnight?!
cryforthemoon: Well, I'm trying to think!
anazri: It's definitely horse-shaped!
cryforthemoon: Bloody hell
anazri: ...okay, it just /spoke/
cryforthemoon: ...
cryforthemoon: What did it say?
anazri: You're not going to believe this
anazri: Something about April and fool...

April Fools' Day: the day-long curse for all gullible people.
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