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"Be careful in casting out your devil 'lest you cast out the best thing about you."

Once upon a time, there was a thirteen-year-old girl, living in London, who was a bit lonely and unhappy and all that other claptrap. One day, she happened to be perusing the computer games section in somewhere like Dixons when her eyes beheld cover art like she'd never seen before. While her mother was otherwise occupied (looking at computers), our heroine picked up the game and read the blurb with fascination. Gosh, she thought, this looks like the best computer game ever after Dizzy! It was love at first sight. Alas, however, it was not to be, as there was no hope in high heck that her mother, who disliked anything that wasn't 'nice' (ie anything that didn't cater towards snobs), would ever allow the game in the house, never mind the game carrying a '15' rating. So, that was that. The girl put the game back on the shelf and carried on playing Neopets.

Eight years later, however, our heroine, now a bit of a reclusive oddball and living about a hundred miles north of London, logged onto Amazon, squealed with joy and three days later...

Should anyone want me, I'll be in Wonderland.
Tags: computer game: alice, iles, life: past
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