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"Well, now I know you're mad; I just wanted to make sure."

I know that I'm not exactly a fountain of knowledge when it comes to GLBT politics/issues/stuff (for example, I only learnt about the Stonewall riots last week), but a purple rhino? I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Anyhoo, long Doctor Who squee below, so escape while you can...

As I may have mentioned (once, twice, every chance I get), I've been watching episodes of Troughton-era Doctor Who. Yesterday I watched Tomb of the Cybermen and I get the worrying feeling that Nine and Ten have been displaced from the top spot, because the Second Doctor is utterly bloody brilliant. He's funny ("The power cable generated an electrical field and confused their tiny metal minds. You might almost say they've had a complete metal breakdown!") and kind and completely loveable, but he's also capable of being serious and expressive and quite ruthless when he needs to be. Not to mention how wonderful he and Jamie are. They tease each other - Jamie about the Doctor's TARDIS control ("'A smooth takeoff'? What a nerve!"), the Doctor about Jamie's kilt (Victoria's skirt is marginally longer, which amused me like the perve I am) - but they also do things like holding hands and touching (I am wrong and bad to want to count how many times they cling to each other) and it's so generally squeeful that I've lost all possibility of coherence in this paragraph. At one point the Doctor tells Jamie he needs to give him a lesson in tying knots. I think we all know where my mind went.

Still squeeful, blast. Anyhoo, Jamie/Two aside, I really like Victoria Waterfield. Possibly because she is rather attractive and has a very impressive pair of - lungs. Ahem. She does scream an awful lot, actually, at one point right into poor Jamie's ear. However, she does kill off a Cybermat (more on those in a second) and, bless her, attacks a Cyberman with what looks like an extra-large jam jar. Attractiveness aside, she's also a sweetheart - at one point, when everyone's getting some sleep, the Doctor wakes up (cuddling a power cable) and they have a Talk about her new life on the TARDIS and if she's happy travelling with him and Jamie. It's a lovely few minutes, especially when the Doctor briefly mentions his own family.

See, this is why I don't write about television that much any more - this whole entry's been mainly useless squee so far. Even the special effects, cheap and unconvincing as they are, are quite fun - the Cybermats, which are basically metallic caterpillars with plastic teeth, need a bit of imagination to make them terrifying (I kind of want one for a pet) and there are things like very bad wirework and obvious dummy-Cybermen, but there was a great moment when a Cyberman had something like cola and mints (I know there's a more scientific method of making something like that, but I'm dashed if I can remember it) spurting out of its chest and, at least in my opinion (which doesn't count for much), it was as good as new series!CGI.

I did feel rather sorry for Toberman, though - the only black character and not only is he in the 'bad humans' camp, but he also gets partially-converted into a Cyberman and eventually dies a Noble Death. At least he was good by the end. Also, 'Kaftan' is possibly the silliest name for a villainess ever.

Anyhoo, back to squeeage about the fact that Jamie follows the Doctor into the eponymous tomb, even when he's been told to stay with the others (who are, by the by, archaeologists), not to mention the moment when Jamie stumbles and the Doctor stops him from falling over (I'm inclined to wonder if that wasn't meant to happen, as there's a small "oh!" from Victoria in the background that sounds pretty surprised; it also feeds the RPS flames a bit. I'm such a bad person.)

To sum up, Patrick Troughton is shiny and fantastic and I'm scouring YouTube like a scouring thing. Huzzah!
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