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"A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five."

If I may be forgiven for paraphrasing, I heard this yesterday on what might've been Movie Rush, but for heavens' sake don't take my word for it: "The new musical film, starring Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan [guff about ABBA]."

First glance/listen, nothing wrong with that, except that the one non-Brit/American in the main cast was effectively ignored. Maybe I'm being a complete twat, but - well, I am being a complete twat to take offense over something so trivial. However. Slight crush aside, it annoys me that he's the only one out of four equally-important roles not mentioned. Heaven forbid we should mention Johnny Foreigner! No wonder there are comments on YouTube videos of non-English-language film trailers saying that all English-language films are automatically better than films that aren't - how dare those bally foreigners make a film with subtitles that you have to read in order to understand what's being said(!) To use a certain poky motoring show's tagline, how hard can it be to watch a film and get used to flicking your eyes down to quickly take in the text? Difficult enough, apparently, that the local cinema only shows 'summer blockbusters' and I'm going to have to hope that the library eventually has things like The Orphanage or Female Agents** available, because somehow any language other than English make a film difficult to watch or not worth one's time or worthy of criticism and idiotic comments like "learn English!"

Also, going back to my point about English automatically being better than non-English - yes, fine, that's just the opinion of some jumped-up little twit who probably watched too much Teletubbies when they were small, but I can name three non-English-language films that are far, far better than, for example, Batman and Robin or any half-baked comedy that the big studios slap a celebrity name on and release in time for the summer holidays. It's lazy and dumbing-down and, although I'm terribly bad at politics, surely a bit racist or languageist or somethingist.

GAH. I'm sorry to be so annoying and bitchy, but some of my favourite films and actors originate from somewhere other than the UK or US and it makes me quite angry when people make stupid comments or the powers that be seem to assume that an English-speaking audience will only be interested in people whose mother tongue is the English language or films that are in English. I love my language and my country, but sometimes I wish that things weren't so... blinkered, I suppose. By rejecting anything unfamiliar (and this is true in areas other than that of the entertainment industry) people are surely missing out. Which, I suppose, is the real sadness. Sorry again. I'll bugger off now.

**Yes, I know there's a hypocritical element in me using the English titles, but I'm trying not to look like a wanker. Trying.
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